Stevie's life is going nowhere. His job bores the sh*t out of him. But finally he may have found a way out.

Stevie and Neil have been in plenty of bands before, but there's always been something missing. But when he persuades Billy Nixon, the best guitarist he knows, along with his bassist friend Emily to join the band, Stevie knows he's on to something.

But while the life of a band never runs smoothly, nothing could have prepared Stevie for how it was all going to turn out.


Ian Bonar Lyndsey Marshal Kieran Bew Mathew Baynton

Ian Bonar - Stevie: Since graduating from the Bristol Old Vic, Ian has worked extensively in film, television and theatre, recently appearing in Atonement, Starter for Ten and soon to appear in Toby Young's How To Lose Friends and Alienate People.

Lyndsey Marshal - Emily: Winner of the Critics Circle Best Newcomer award in 2001, Lyndsey has appeared in numerous stage and screen productions, including June in A Matter of Life and Death at the National Theatre, and on screen in Festival (dir Annie Griffin), The Hours (dir Stephen Daldry), The Shadow in the North (BBC) and as Cleopatra in HBO's series Rome.

Kieran Bew - Billy: Kieran has a wide range of roles to his name, from fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen, to Gary Parr in Jimmy McGoverns BAFTA award-winning The Street. He will soon be seen in the BBC's new series PAs and Robinson Crusoe for NBC.

Mathew Baynton - Neil: Mathew was destined to appear in 1234 as his last production saw him play Ritchie Blackmore in Telstar. Probably best known for his appearances on the multi award winning BBC series Gavin and Stacey, he crops up in the most unexpected of places, for instance playing the lead in the video for the single Listening Man by the Bees.


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